MLB The Show FIXList

While the Internet is full of wishlists, perhaps a FIXlist is more fitting in order to help this game grow.

Below is a list of items we’d like to see enhanced in the game. These are items that are already technically in the game, but perhaps are not working as well as intended. Ok, and a few wishes mixed in as well…

If you have ideas not already on this list, please share by posting a comment below.

“I don’t have a hit-and-run sign, and I believe it’s the worst play in baseball. Over the course of the season, only a few guys actually get hits on the hit-and-run play, because everything must go right for it to work. About the only thing you can say for the hit-and-run is that it prevents the double-play grounder. But when you add up the caught stealing, the weak grounders, and the line-drive double plays, that advantage vanishes. I’ll take my chances with a normal swing anytime.”
–Earl Weaver

Game Mechanics & AI

  • Intentional walks should be automatic, not count as 4 pitches for pitchers.
  • While it should be very rare, the AI should be able to commit a balk.
  • Hit and Runs are used far too abundantly. This is not a play often used in modern baseball, and it should be scaled back a great deal.
  • Rain-outs and doubleheaders are a part of baseball strategy and should be in MLB The Show.
  • Defensive subs and double switches need to be handled more efficiently.
    • The AI should not be subbing IFs/OFs in at catcher.
    • The AI should not be using a C in the OF.
    • When two subs are being made either in the same inning or at different times, we shouldn’t see Derek Norris playing in CF and Peter Borjous playing at 1B. Yes, that happened to me in a game.

Player Ratings

  •  Durability
    • Durability for hitters should be separated from endurance like it is for pitchers.
    • Durability should be more forgiving for relief pitchers, and especially positional players who do not need a day off once or twice every week unless they are a catcher in which case once a week will suffice. Positional players should be more once every two weeks, give or take.
  • Catcher Blocking Ability
    • Catcher blocking ability should be significantly enhanced. MLB catchers sacrifice themselves to ensure they are keeping the ball in front of them. While passed balls do happen, they should be the exception on a pitch in the dirt, not the norm.
  • Catcher Pitch Framing
    • Pitch framing should be part of a catcher’s defensive makeup and could work similarly to how the existing umpire personalities work; in the simplest of forms, certain catchers could just “get” more strikes on the edges called while others may not be as lucky.
      • If you think of an umpire’s strike zone as the rings on a dart board, a good or bad catcher could expand or shrink that strike zone to the next ring on the dart board.

Roster Management, Scouting, Draft, Etc.

  • Secondary Positions & Position Learning
    • Prospects should have secondary positions.
    • All players should have the ability to learn new positions based on their personality makeup (add work ethic, intelligence, etc. to player morale)
  • Scouting filters
    • Ability to scout guys who are 3+ year before they are projected to make it to MLB, ability to scout only left-handed hitting IFs, etc.
  • Split Stats
    • Split stats are in the game and visible during gameplay, so let us see them in a stats menu with sort-ability options. With platoons becoming more a part of baseball, we should be seeing these to work to our advantage, and having a smart enough AI to do the same.
  • Pitcher vs Hitter Stats
    • Similar to split stats, track the performance of each pitcher and hitter against one another.
  • Quirks were a nice addition to the game, but it’s already time for it to be expanded and more impactful.

Big Ticket Items

  • Expansion mode, including a stadium creator/editor, importable logos and jersey designs, etc. (see NBA 2K)
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